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Gateway, Ketubah

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Product SKU: jsggenk


Author / Artist: Shear, Jamie


"17.5' x 23'
The micrography of this classically designed Ketubah is composed of the text of the Biblical Song of Songs. The artist has chosen a gateway theme, as the wedding is one of the ultimate thresholds of life; as the threshold is both a place of exit and entrance, both woman and man exit the state of solitary existence and together enter into a life of loving friendship.

Please specify wedding date and prefered text during checkout and whether you want the ketubah to be personalized.Available with the following texts:
Aramaic only, no English
Aramaic with Modern English
Aramaic with Lieberman Clause only, no English
Aramaic with Lieberman clause and modern English

If desired, personalization is an additional $70 that will be charged when we process your order. Kolbo will put you in touch with the artist after the purchase is complete. Please give a month for the personalization. Personalization can be done quicker though there might be an additional rush fee added. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-238-8743 for more information. "