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Armenian, Ketubah

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Product SKU: jsargenk


Author / Artist: Shear, Jamie


Jerusalem Armenian pottery was the inspiration for this Ketubah design. The Ketubah text is surrounded by verses from the Song of Songs (2:8, 11-12) in the shape of the Star of David:The voice of my beloved, here it comes, skipping over the mountains, leaping over the hills. For the winter has past and the rains have gone. Blossoms can be seen in the land, a time for song has arrived, and the voice of the dove can be heard in our land.The top arch text is from Psalms 128: 5-6, and the blessings encompassing the Star of David are from Numbers 6; 25-27 and Deuteronomy 28:3-12.

Please specify wedding date and prefered text during checkout and whether you want the ketubah to be personalized.Available with the following texts:
Aramaic only, no English
Aramaic with Modern English
Aramaic with Lieberman Clause only, no English
Aramaic with Lieberman clause and modern English

If desired, personalization is an additional $70 that will be charged when we process your order. Kolbo will put you in touch with the artist after the purchase is complete. Please give a month for the personalization. Personalization can be done quicker though there might be an additional rush fee added. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-238-8743 for more information. "