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Human by choice: a Kabbalistic path to self help, pb

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Human By Choice: A Kabbalistic Path To Self Help can be summed up as ‘The 7 Habits meets Kabbalah’.

Joy is the experience of actualizing who you really are.

It is the person who lives by his principles even when it’s tough who gains our respect.  It is the person who keeps his calm and composure in times of stress that we admire.  Human By Choice is an intimate conversation outlining a path for each of us to become that person.

Throughout the book, Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov – experienced teacher and counselor – draws on Kabbalistic principles to bring perspective to the modern social climate.  With explanatory precision, Rabbi Eli communicates abstract ideas in a down-to-earth style to address everyday and not-so-everyday life questions in a manner accessible to beginner and advanced reader alike.

In Human By Choice, Rabbi Eli takes the reader on a 5-step journey to personal actualization:

1. Individuality & Personal Value

2. Character Advancement & Meaningful Living

3. Implementing Principles & Personal Accomplishment

4. Actualizing Your Potential Self & Embodying Life Goals

5. Personal Harmony & Communal Interdependence

Human By Choice has  the makings of a life-changer for anyone searching for happiness, love, fulfillment, wholeness, or themselves.