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Torah: A Women’s Commentary

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This is the first comprehensive commentary, authored only by women, on the Five Books of Moses, including individual Torah portions as well as the Hebrew and English translation.

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary will finally give dimension to the women’s voices in our tradition. Under Editor Dr. Tamara Cohn-Eskenazi’s skillful leadership, this commentary will provide insight and inspiration for all who study Torah: men and women, Jew and non-Jew. As Dr. Eskenazi has eloquently stated, “we want to bring the women of the Torah from the shadow into the limelight, from their silences into speech, from the margins to which they have often been relegated to the center of the page - for their sake, for our sake and for our children’s sake.”

This landmark volume will be a beacon for all future Bible study. This new commentary will complement The Torah A Modern Commentary used by Progressive Jews worldwide.