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Silan CD

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Author / Artist: Dalal, Yair


Yair Dalal is a leading figure in ethnic music in Israel today. With great talent he exemplifies a rare mixture between conflicting trends in music: traditional versus modern, East versus West, Jewish versus Arabic. Silan is inspired by the space and silence of the desert and calls for peace among the nations of the region. The ensemble is unique in its diverse instrumental composition, combining oud, sitar, guitar, violin, clarinet, tabla, and African/MidEast percussion to provide a rich variety of the Eastern tradition -- rooted in Iraqi Jewish liturgy, Judeo-Arab motifs from Spain, Indian Classical music, and Turkish folk tunes.

Yair Dalal is one of the last musicians to represent the Arab Jewish music from Iraq. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway with assistance from ECM sound engineer Jan Erik Konghaug. Silan is a gorgeous ethnic hybrid for fans of ECM, Bustan Abraham, Anouar Brahem, Simon Shaheen, M*A, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Luis Delgado, etc.