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Love Your Neighbor, CD

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Product SKU: 20473-cd


Author / Artist: Schafer, Beth


In her new album, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, Beth Schafer, with a voice as smooth as silk and superb guitar playing, wraps her original lyrics and melodies around you, creating a contemplative space of serenity and hope. These 10 Hebrew and English selections reflect Beth's growing expertise as a lyricist and composer. This recording is a positive, life-affirming, peace-seeking collection of songs that crosses over the lines that sometimes separate neighbors and touches emotions that bind all of humanity together. Favorites include:' (Working for) Shalom, Or Chadash, Lo V'chayil, Call of Courage, The Word, Kol Yisraeil, Heroes Like You, Love Your Neighbor, Southern Skies and Benediction. 'There is no doubt that Beth is an important presence in the Jewish music scene, and for this we are all enriched.