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Bridge, CD

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Product SKU: co-sgl-60d


Author / Artist: Glaser, Sam


"Sponsored by Israel`s Common Denominator organization, THE BRIDGE marks Sam's sixth Jewish album and the culmination of a decade of concert tours reaching out to hundreds of Jewish communities worldwide. These 15 original Hebrew and English songs are a vibrant and energetic extension of Sam`s life focus ' Jewish pride and unity. Accompanied by his accomplished 9 piece band, Sam`s heartfelt vocals and harmonies, are sure to move you to sing, dance, and celebrate together. Favorites include:' Al Shlosha D`varim, Od Yishama, Baruch Hamakom, Adon Olam, Im Eyn Ani Li, Eyes Are Open (lyrics by Neshama Carlebach), Love To Understand (music and lyrics by Sam & Julie Silver), Halelu'and More! "