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Great Reflective Giraffe, sculpture, bronze on wood, 58”

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Product SKU: 24046


Author / Artist: Schon, Nancy


58" x 3' bronze sculpture.

I am looking for a home. I am 58" Long and 3 feet tall. I have a long neck that can be climbed on or used for chinning. l love little children to hug and pat me. I would like to be adopted by a family that would share me with the neighborhood or by an elementary school or a hospital or a library or a park. I want to be where I can bring the most joy to the most people".

Nancy Schön is an internationally renowned sculptor, most well known for her celebrated Make Way for Ducklings in the Boston Public Garden. She is known for her warm, evocative representations of human and animal figures and has received many commissions both public and private in the United States and abroad.