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O’ Israel Ketubah
O’ Israel KetubahO’ Israel Ketubah

O’ Israel Ketubah


Linda Altshuler developed her unique artistic style by exploring many art mediums, from printmaking to drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history. She draws her inspiration from these diverse textures and creates colorful, impactful work brimming with Jewish symbolism and classical techniques. The O’ Israel Ketubah features a distinctive Star of David design that showcases the ketubah text in its center, against a subtle watercolor Israeli flag background. Each of the six points of the star contains its own work of art, depicting spiritual scenes including the glowing Shabbat table, the Jerusalem skyline, and a Torah scroll. A background of scrolling vines and glowing Jerusalem stone complete this piece.

If you need help in your ketubah shopping process, or with anything else related to your wedding, please don’t hesitate to call the store at 800-238-8743. If you prefer digital assistance, we’ve set up a page to help you through the process.

  • Ketubah measures approximately 19" x 23"
  • To avoid potential rush fees, we recommend ordering this ketubah at least 4 weeks before the wedding.
  • At checkout, please include the names of both partners and the date of the wedding in the comments field.
  • The texts available with this ketubah are listed in the drop-down menu below. To read through the texts, click here.
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