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What is the Conservative text and what does it mean?

This text is primarily characterized by the added Lieberman Clause paragraph below the traditional Aramaic text. The Lieberman Clause was added to the Conservative ketubah text in order to allow either the man or woman to initiate a divorce and grant equal access to the rabbinical courts. The English is not a translation of the Aramaic text and will vary from artist to artist (and perhaps from ketubah to ketubah). It translates as follows: And both together agreed that if this marriage shall ever be dissolved under civil law, then either husband or wife may invoke the authority of the Beth Din of the Rabbinical Assembly and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America or its duly authorized representatives, to decide what action by either spouse is then appropriate under Jewish matrimonial law; and if either spouse shall fail to honor the demand of the other or to carry out the decision of the Beth Din or its representative, then the other spouse may invoke any and all remedies available in civil law and equity to enforce compliance with the Beth Din's decision and this solemn obligation.

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