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What do you mean by a custom text?

Many of the ketubot are available 'blank' which means that they have the artwork, but the area for the text has been left blank. We can recommend a calligrapher to fill in your custom text, or even have the original artist create a custom text for you. The price of a hand-written custom text depends on the particular artist and the number of words in your text. Depending on the length of the text, the cost can be from $170 to $750 above the cost of the ketubah. Since these are hand-written and labor intensive, our artists require at least 3 months.Some artists are now doing giclee prints, and custom calligraphy can usually be accomplished with computer calligraphic lettering. Don¹t let that deter you - they look terrific and adding your own text or altering an existing one is significantly less expensive. Usually about $30 - $150 above the cost of the ketubah. This method means that you have more options regarding font style, color of text and timing needed to complete the custom work. This is a much better option if you need a custom text, but you don't have 3 months before your wedding.

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