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Can I get any kind of text I want on the ketubah?

Yes... and no. Each artist has made print runs of the ketubot featuring different texts that represent different types of ceremonies. Any of the following types of text may be available with any particular ketubah:

  • Orthodox -- Traditional Aramaic alone
  • Orthodox -- Traditional Aramaic and English
  • Conservative -- Traditional Aramaic with Lieberman Clause and English
  • Reform / Modern/ Contemporary/ Egalitarian -- Modern Hebrew and English
  • Interfaith -- Modern Hebrew and English without 'laws of Moses and Israel'
  • Humanist -- Modern Hebrew and English without mention of God's name
  • Secular -- Modern English without references to Judaism
  • Gender Neutral -- Modern Hebrew and English without the words 'Bride' and 'Groom'
  • Commitment Vows -- Similar to Gender Neutral and suitable for any marriage or commitment ceremony
  • Anniversary -- Modern Hebrew and English text formulated in the past tense
  • Blank -- Just the artwork that can be filled in with any text by a calligrapher or the artist
  • Custom -- Either altering an existing text, or writing your own

Most ketubah texts are available for you to read on our website. If a text is not available on this site, we can fax it to you.

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