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Seder Talk: The Conversational Haggada, hc

Seder Talk: The Conversational Haggada, hc


by Erica Brown

In her groundbreaking new work, Erica Brown has created both an engaging haggadah and a set of essays to sustain you through eight days of Passover. When opened right-to-left, you’ll find a traditional haggadah with English translation and with cues to the seder-goer. At the bottom of each page is commentary and prompts for conversation. When opened left-to-right, you’ll find readings to inspire curiosity, wonder, and introspection; one for each day of Passover.

  • Published in 2014
  • Hardcover
  • Approximately 6.3’’ x 9.1’’, 1’’ thick, 360 pages
  • Black and white text and images
  • Formatted to open from either direction
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