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Unexpected Israel: Stories You Never Read in the Media, hc

Unexpected Israel: Stories You Never Read in the Media, hc


by Ruth Corman

Since 2011, Ruth Corman has traveled through the complex mosaic that is Israel to introduce readers to aspects of the country that never appear in the media the curious, the humorous, the moving and the dramatic. She introduces us to places that few know of and tells of encounters with some unforgettable individuals, such as Tsegue-Mariam, an Ethiopian nonagenarian nun and world-renowned composer of piano music, and Gershon Luxemburg, a boxing champion from Uzbekistan who emigrated to Israel and runs a boxing school open to all.

Focusing on cameos of everyday life, Unexpected Israel brings people and places to life, ranging from caviar to camels, owls to oranges, pomegranates to pilgrims and fossils to friendship as well as some unimaginable tales of heroism. It is without doubt a memorable and wholly unexpected journey.

  • Published in 2016
  • Hardcover
  • Approximately 8” x 10”, 0.75” thick, 200 pages
  • Full color
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