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Jewish Cookery Book: On Principles of Economy (reprint from 1871), hc

Jewish Cookery Book: On Principles of Economy (reprint from 1871), hc


by Esther Levy, introduction by Joan Nathan

First published in Philadelphia in 1871, this volume in the American Antiquarian Cookbook Collection is a facsimile edition of the first Jewish cookbook published in America in 1871, and only the second written in the English language. The book was written to assist European immigrants new to American kitchens and way of life.

This marvelous culinary historical volume provides housekeeping and household-management advice as well as daily menu suggestions. The Jewish Cookery Book was written to help new immigrants adapt to life in the New World while maintaining their religious heritage; it even includes a Jewish calendar as well as recipes for home doctoring.

Levy’s cookbook follows Jewish law regarding cooking for the Sabbath, Passover, and other Jewish holidays; and it provides great detail about how to organize the household, and what steps to follow in conducting Jewish activities. The medicinal recipe section provides recipes for various ailments as well as cautions for visiting the sick. The book offers practical, down-to-earth advice for American-born Jews who did not have the benefit of a traditional Jewish education.

  • Originally published in 1871; facsimile edition published in 2012
  • Hardcover
  • Approximately 5.6’’ x 8.7’’, 0.9’’ thick, 224 pages
  • Black and white text
  • Insightful inspirations from the immigrant experience
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