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About Kolbo



Kolbo came into being in 1978. Our goal was to create an atmosphere of dynamic and vibrant Jewish culture in a retail setting.

They said it couldn't be done: a gallery of hand-made Jewish art featuring graphics and ritual art by relatively unknown artists. But in November of 1978, Kolbo's doors opened just before Hanukkah. After an encouraging first year in Cambridge (near Harvard Square), the gallery moved to the Jewish section of Brookline. It was a great move and it would be easy to say that the rest is history, but there's more to the story.

After five years of steady growth and gathering a loyal following, Kolbo's showroom space doubled and books were added to the repertoire. In June of 2000, we doubled our size once again to over 3,000 square feet.

Today, you will find hundreds of titles on a wide array of topics in our bookshelves. From fiction and poetry, biographies and memoirs, biblical and prayer, Hebrew language, children's, cookbooks and more. The selection of handmade ritual items, jewelry, talitot, kippot, and graphic art is simply amazing.  We feature a great selection of CDs, and DVDs as well. From folk art to traditional, you won't believe your eyes!

We have the friendliest and most professional staff you will find in any retail setting. Come in and browse our gallery and experience it for yourself! 


Larry Hardoon

Janet Fine

Elizabeth Hogan - Manager

Dana Sobel - Art & Gift Buyer

Eran Hornick - Book & Media Buyer; Ketubot & other special orders

Joshua Fein

Julia Abrams

Benjamin Arnold

Sarah Feldman


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Store Hours

Sunday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm, Thursday: 10am-8m, Friday: 10-3pm, Closed Saturday.

We close early for the eve of all the major Jewish holidays; Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Shmini Atzeret, Passover, and Shavuot.  If the holiday is a two-day holiday, we are closed for both days. We also close for the secular holidays of New Year's Day, July 4, and Thanksgiving. We close early for New Year's Eve and the Mondays of Memorial Day and Labor Day.  We are open on Sunday of any Monday holiday unless there is a Jewish holiday. Please call for holiday related hours.


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